A Business That Makes Life More Beautiful

by Hanna Schoenrock, a Denver Resident

wine bar pic

If you like flowers and all things beautiful, you will love Albertine Florals, Gifts, and Wine. Denver resident Judy Armstrong is the owner/operator of Albertine in Denver, NC. Albertine is not only a full-service florist with gorgeous designs for pick-up, delivery, weddings, home décor, and special events, but Judy has recently expanded to include a wine bar with regular tastings in addition to whimsical gifts, jewelry, greeting cards, and gourmet foods. Simply walking into Albertine is an experience: the fanciful decorations, the exotic smells of flowers and gourmet foods, the interesting trinkets, and a friendly greeting are enough to make a person want to have a seat on a bar stool at the wine bar and stay awhile.

Judy opened Albertine Florals and Gifts 6 years ago as a full-service florist with a shop-front full of fun gifts. Why a florist? “I had a shop and a Bed and Breakfast in Illinois for 10 years and then moved here. I’ve always loved the floral business and felt it was where I should be,” Judy explained. She also feels strongly about being connected to her community and giving back. The florist/gift shop was successful, but Judy is savvy enough to realize that she needed to keep up with the changing needs of her customers. In an area where, sadly, many businesses come and go, Albertine has remained, which is a testament to Judy’s relationships with her customers, her willingness to change with the times, her fabulous offerings that never disappoint, and her top-rate customer service.

In addition to all of the great things that Albertine has to offer, the people who work there with Judy feel a camaraderie with the customers and with one another and really do love their jobs, which a customer senses immediately upon walking into the shop. Denver residents, Ann Young and Lisa Leitert, work there, along with floral designer, Cindy Loeffler, also a Denver resident. I asked Cindy, who was busy working on several arrangements, what she likes best about working there, and she told me that “the list is so long! I love that it’s such a team effort; it feels like a family. We all want this business to succeed.”   A staff of employees who are invested in the business are an asset, and at Albertine’s, it shows.

Along with the new wine bar (and the new shop name!), Albertine Florals, Gifts, and Wine is now offering custom gift baskets with same-day delivery. Included in the vast assortment of options for these baskets are wine, flavored vinegars, dips, dipping oils, Stonewall Kitchen Specialty Foods, stuffed olives, and Boar’s Head cheeses and salami. Judy is having great fun and success with her regular wine tastings, but she is also thrilled to announce that she plans to open Albertine in the evenings to provide a place for local entrepreneurs to have a venue to get exposure for their businesses. She also would love to host Girls’ Nights Out, Book Clubs, birthday celebrations, Couples’ Nights Out, or any reason to get together with friends over a glass of wine. She will provide the beautiful location, wine by the glass, gourmet snacks to taste, and fantastic ambience. She is excited to offer this opportunity, as it helps to keep her connected to the people of Denver. In her words, “I have great customers, and this is a wonderful community!”

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(Published in the November issue of The View Point, N2 Publishing)

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